Kim Cooke, Ed.D (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC)

Expertise Area: middle and high school health education curriculum, physical education

Dr. Kim Cooke (AKA Mrs. Kim Morton) has served over 25 years in education and currently is the health and physical education curriculum specialist Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (NC). An experienced public school teacher, she has worked at all levels (i.e., pre-K through college) and in a variety of diverse settings (i.e., rural, suburban, inner-city, and Title I). A former North Carolina Teacher-of-the-Year, she possesses certifications in Jensen Learning and in Action-Based Learning.

She is the “GURU” for health education curriculum and has presented at numerous local, state, and national conferences focusing on curriculum design, and instructional delivery. She developed a “health menus” approach to meet state and national standards by personalizing instruction through her Choice Led Health, A Personalized Skills Based Health Curriculum for grades 6-high school. The curriculum is delivered to 75,000+ students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg district via Canvas. Additionally, she designed the “B3: Brain, Body, Behavior” program to help elementary students regulate their mind, emotions, and bodies through intentional movement activities.

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