“Living the dream” and “finding a way” to reach goals together.

Featuring The Hem-View ABC’s

“Pay attention to what one need’s to pay attention to”

Be in the Present: “Stay in the present-prepare for the future”

Control: “Control what you can control”

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Dr. Dennis Johnson, President

Hem-View Consultants offer services in the world of leadership, sport coaching development, physical education curriculum development and assessment as well as sport management curriculum development and evaluation.

Our staff includes experts in the areas of sport and business leadership, sport law, ethics, coaching education/development, elementary/secondary health and physical education, sport management curriculum and program evaluation, and utilizing sport to teach personal and social responsibility.

My personal philosophy for this endeavor is based on over 40 years of experience in youth, scholastic, and collegiate education and athletics. The underpinning wellspring for my work ethic, ethics, leadership, and family values was formed on our family farm…The Hem-View.