The Hem-View Story

Sport leadership, what is in a name and why the Hem-View Consultants? My story and the list of sport leadership experiences that has brought about the genesis of this consulting agency began on our family farm. I was born and raised on a Pennsylvania dairy farm, where every day was a Monday (i.e., cows have to be milked two times every day), where there were no family vacations, and where I developed a solid work ethic. A typical day on the farm would consist of a 5am start to do chores, work all day, and finish with a second milking at around 8pm. The family farm overlooked the beautiful Hemlock river valley…thus the Hem-View name (i.e., Hemlock overview).

More importantly, it was in that environment is where I initially discovered many of life’s up and down’s; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Many of those early farm experiences impact my work today. For instance we always PAID ATTENTION TO WHAT WE NEEDED TO PAY ATTENTION TO or we might lose a hand or arm in the powerful PTO of the machinery and we would always BE IN THE PRESENT and made hay when the sun shined. Finally, I learned to CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL, for example in terms of the crop successes; we can plant the best seed, but have no control over the sun, temperature, or rainfall. Thus the Hem-View ABC’s have become the underpinning wellspring for success in my life, business, and sport.

My sporting experience as a wrestler and football player in middle/high school/college reinforced those core Hem-View principles for success. Additionally, I began to develop leadership skills such as communication, goal-setting, and motivation while engaging in sports. Serving as a leader and captain for various teams provided a practical setting for implementing those skills.

In my professional career as an educator and as a high and college coach, I discovered that the world is a much better place when viewed from a positive and transformational viewpoint. Thus, my philosophy is that on a daily basis one should seek perspective from a lens of “LIVING THE DREAM.” Furthermore, I have found that there are basically two types of individuals who function in this world. There are the “doer’s and there are the talker’s. The talkers-talk while the doer’s-do and ultimately “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.”

We at Hem-View Consultants want to be a part of your organization’s story by striving together, implementing the Hem-View ABC’s for success and helping everyone to “find a way” to “make things happen” while “living the dream” on a daily basis.

Have a great day!!!