Hem-View Consultants 2020 Spring Intern:

Hi! I’m Quinn Bankoski and I am honored to be Hem-View Consultant’s very first intern.  I have worked with Dr. Johnson as a student for the past four years and am excited to work in his consulting business!  I graduate in May 2020 from SUNY Fredonia with degrees in Sport Management and Athletic Coaching. Previously, I attended community college for two years playing junior college basketball and studying sport management.

This past winter, I lived the dream of returning to my alma mater (Dunkirk High School, NY) as an assistant coach for the girls high school basketball team. We won the division for the first time in 29 years! We were on our way to the state playoffs when the Coronavirus halted the season.

This internship has exposed me to a multitude of coaching development and parent education tools that all coaches might implement in a successful program.  I will be sharing tips of the trade in the upcoming weeks. And please, feel free to contact us with any ideas which might be useful in helping other coaches become more successful.

If you have any questions regarding a Hem-View Consultants internship or tips of the trade to share: contact me at


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How To Obtain An Internship

Description: Students who are interested in becoming sport coaches, coach educators, and/or sport administrators should apply to be an intern for Hem-View Consultants. We can offer a workload to meet the hourly requirement at most any college or university.

Course Credit (Variable): Interns are expected to attend one or two weekly meetings per week (via Google Hangouts) and complete work assignments based on credit received. We usually expect approximately 50-60 hours of service per one-hour of college credit (5 or 6 hours per week for 10 weeks). Additionally, students will agree to participate in a Coaching Principles (ASEP) course as a learning experience. This learning experience may or may not result in official certification. All interns will as part of this work for Hem-View Consultants be expected to hold a coaching development and/or parent education workshop as a culminating event in the intern’s local area.

Internship Duties: May include but not limited to interviewing coaches and athletes, locating and posting appropriate blogs on the website, attending weekly meetings, completing weekly logs, creating group presentations, and finally as Hem-View intern complete a coaching development or parent education workshop.