Featuring Associated Area Experts

John Acquaviva
PhD (Wingate University)

Expertise Area: exercise science, ethics in sport, body image

Tom Appenzeller
Ed.D (Catawba College)

Expertise Area: sport law, risk management, and sport management programming

Robert Benham
PhD (Director, Coach Development Services)

Expertise Area: PETE, coach education & development, interscholastic sport administration

William Collins
PhD (Chowan University)

Expertise Area: collegiate athletic leadership, NCAA division realignment, sport management

Kim Cooke
Ed.D (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC)

Expertise Area: middle and high school health education curriculum, physical education

Jim Hand
Ed.D (Catawba College)

Expertise Area: higher education administration, athletic training curriculum development

Michael Hemphill
PhD (University of North Carolina Greensboro)

Expertise Area: coaching education and youth development, sport program evaluation, restorative justice through sport, higher education curriculum development.

Pete Jacobson
Head Wrestling Coach, Edgemont High School (NYC)

Expertise Area: coaching leadership development, wrestling program/coach development

Melody Madigan
Cellular One

Expertise Area: corporate leadership, corporate staff development

Dan McLaughlin
PhD (Wingate University)

Expertise Area: elementary physical education, positive youth development through sport

Nori Sie Pennisi
M.S., (Michigan State University-ISYS)

Expertise Area: sport psychology, mental skills training for performance enhancement, coaching education

Ji Ho Kim
(Coming in October) PhD (Wingate University)

Expertise Area: sport management, sport marketing, analytics, tour/study abroad programming